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Based on people

Adhere to the people-centered, employees as the main body of the company, respect people, understand people, cultivate people, to inspire employees to work hard, to achieve self-worth as the starting point, to advocate and create a culture of trust and rely on people.

Humanized management shall be implemented to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, motivate teamwork and give full play to team spirit so as to form a community of interests between the company and employees.

JVG management rules

Scientific management is the guarantee of the company's survival and development.

Whether it is internal production management, human resource management, financial management, or external sales management, public relations management, all need a rigorous management system.

Kangcheng brand construction and management is a strict and demanding management work, which must be built on the management system of regulating the company.

A new business

Only by inheriting and carrying forward the fine tradition, combining with the new situation, innovation and enterprising, can we keep the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

At the same time, we must pay attention to the characteristics and laws of all our work under the new situation, study new situations, come up with new methods and ideas, and solve new problems.

Based on quality

There is no best, only better, is the company strive for excellence quality consciousness;

Creating "kangcheng brand" and offering high-quality products are the eternal pursuit of kangcheng company.

A new into taking

The soul of company development and continuous power. We are required to establish a new business system, a new sales management and a new work style.

To create growth enterprises and build well-known enterprises to set new goals.

Really sincere service

Quality is the first competition, service is the second competition.

Customer-centric, adhere to the service first, from customer demand, finally customer satisfaction, actively promote quality service standardization, normalization and humanization, to provide customers with safe and reliable products and sincere and standardized service, adhere to create value for customers.